Manfred Mann's Earth Band


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Tour Dates 2019

Date Venue City
13 Nov Haus Auensee Leipzig
14 Nov Alter Schlachthof Dresden
15 Nov Stadthalle Gotha
11 Dec Stadthalle Singen
12 Dec Harmonie Heilbronn
13 Dec Hunsruckhalle Simmern
14 Dec Monheimer Kulturwerke Monheim
16 Jan Gloria Bad Saeckingen
17 Jan Palatinum Mutterstadt
18 Jan Westpark Ingolstadt


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Manfred Stories


In which Manfred meets a Beatle and learns a lesson about money. The antique harmonium stands in the corner of the room, it is very attractive looking, made of old wood and some red velvet. It makes a lovely church-y sound, but one has to pump two small pedals to get a sound from it. I like the look of it, I like the sound of it, but I keep forgetting to pedal the thing. …

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