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MMEB are very sorry about the necessity of postponing gigs in light of recent Coronavirus restrictions. Any news of changed dates will, of course, be posted here as we get news from the band's agent, Alec. Alec and local promoters are working hard to reschedule everything but the most important thing is to keep everyone safe. Wishing everyone well.


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Proud to say I am a long time friend of Manfred. He does not just use words, his actions in leaving South Africa in early 60's, and his action in working with black musicians in spite of the danger this put him in speak more about him than words ever can.

I’ve been MMEB follower since early 70’s at 13 yrs old my first album I ever bought of any band was The Good Earth and have been Avent fan ever since

Looks like MMEB’s Somewhere In Afrika album would be a good one to play for many commenting.

when the people of the privileged segment of a society feel they are losing their privileged position...history repeats itself with the anti-protester responses. Thanks, MMEB; there is a huge reason why you're still relevent

The majority of protesters are white ? Looks like a change is finally gonna come .

Music is the international language of love and Manfred Mann knows how to spread the love🎶🎶🙌🏻

Disappointed in so many of the comments here from people who obviously know nothing about Mann and his well-documented stance against institutionalised racism in his country of birth. To all the "All lives matter" deadshits, here's just one article of many you could find, if you made the effort, as to why "All lives matter" is so problematic.

Great post Manfred Mann! The rest of you go back to your bunkers and footsak!

I can’t believe how many ignorant people document their stupidity and bias in the comments

I saw you guys on the Solar fire tour in Atlanta at Georgia Tech Coliseum.

Love this band and yes right now black lives matter.

If you don't know why Manfred Mann would post that you really don't know Manfred Mann. What is Manfred Mann's nationality?

Great post.

Many who reply with All Lives Matter do so because they cannot bring themselves to say Black Lives Matter. Much of that exists here in the USA (I'm a Scot living in Texas). The fact that someone cannot bring themselves to say Black Lives Matter says a whole lot about them. Of course all lives matter, but if during a time like this you cannot recognize a need for Black Lives Matter then you're ignorant - either deliberately or through lack of historical education.

Absolutely, thank you Manfred Mann`s Earth Band!

I remember in high school being gifted a copy of Evolution of Mann after having spun my folks' MMEB records too many times. It came with a DVD with some interview segments. The last segment has a bit that will always hang heavily on my mind -- speaking of the 1960s hippie movement, and some of the stunts for peace that people did, like handing flowers to cops or sleeping in a bed for peace, had no meaning. "I grew up in South Africa. Try marching with flowers -- someone will just shoot you." Sadly the European colonial export was the same there as it is here. Stunts of protestors kneeling, walking arm in arm, and dancing with cops -- and then 5 minutes later the protestors are all getting tear gassed (literally a war crime) or pepper sprayed, beaten down, and arrested. Anyway here's Soweto Blues, a song by Hugh Masakela and performed by Miriam Makeba about an anti-racist uprising among South African highschoolers who were protesting cultural erasure by the state mandating Afrikaans for instruction. Police responded to these protests with gun violence, killing hundreds.

Some "All lives matter" posts as a reaction to this post seem to have been removed. Anyways I want to point out that whoever responds "All lives matter" is behaving like someone standing on a ship with a lifebuoy and shouting to the drowning guy who is in need of help and support: ‚Sorry, I can't throw this to you because there are others as well who need it!‘. Whoever answers with ‚All lives matter‘ and does nothing is a racist. It's not the ones in need for and demanding help by claiming "BLM" nor the ones who actively help to overcome the situation. ‚All lives matter‘ is a cheap excuse for doing nothing and just a support for injustice!

Racism sucks. We gotta get over it, worldwide. Thank you Manfred Mann for your clear statement.



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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Cannon Ball Rag (Mick Rogers Guitar Solo) - Live in Frankfurt 2016 ... See MoreSee Less

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Live absolut genial 🎸🎸🥁

Bitte mehr‼ brand new 1 hour show playing some top rock and a few classics

Question - Manfred Mann ... See MoreSee Less

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Stevo, the last time MMEB played the US was 1977, you can find a list of dates at

Brilliant album and song

Isn't it called "Questions"? :) One of my lifetime faves ... I wonder if Manfred wrote music only and Chris lyrics only or they created this masterpiece in some different way? 💓

Written by Chris Slade.


Anyone know the last time they played in the states?

Hope too see you in Denmark again

Smyg favorit grupp 🤗

My absolutely favourite song...❤

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