Manfred Mann's Earth Band


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Dave Flett – new album available on iTunes, etc, now


Crawdaddy! Review of The Manfred Mann Album (Ascot, 1964; re: Collectables/EMI, 2001)
Checkout their article by clicking on this link

Jimmy Copley

Jimmy Copley – Slap my Hand – several sources in the blues world are hailing the album as ‘the best blues album of 2008!
The album is available on-line only, at £10.99 + P+P.

Mike Hugg’s new group can be found on-line at

Home of the Midlands(UK) best live music venue and where Manfred performs on his UK tours – The Robin .

Chris Slade (drummer) was one of the founding members of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band back in 1973 –

Planet Rock
Planet Rock is a UK-based national digital radio station that is dedicated to playing nothing but classic rock music. Checkout their recent Manfred Mann competition, you can reach it on the link below.

European Radio Station on Sky Digital channel 913 (weekday overnight) featuring some of Manfred’s music Also available on public radio AM frequency of 1602Khz in the Netherlands. Since it recently went to full power it can be received in a wide area from east coast UK, as well as Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and across the Netherlands. Radio Seagull also has a direct link to the real player webcast at

Check out the programme Toward The Unknown Region which now has its own website:

Also check out which often includes tracks from early albums such as chapter III track in their webcast

Radio Middlesbrough is a non stop classic rock, pop, dance and all sorts station which often plays Manfred Mann tracks from 1960s right up to many of the modern songs. Visit them at

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