Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Messin’ (1973)

Messin' is a rock album released in 1973 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

Messin' followed Glorified Magnified and preceded Solar Fire, and like all Earth Band albums contains a mixture of originals and covers (see track listing below).

"Buddah" also appeared on the Vertigo budget sampler double album Suck It And See, along with tracks by then-labelmates Kraftwerk, Jade Warrior and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, amongst others.
The album was produced by Manfred Mann and engineered by John Edwardes at Maximum Sound Studios, London in 1973.

For the United States release, the album was re-titled Get Your Rocks Off and the track "Pretty Good" was included in place of "Black And Blue", seemingly because the latter was about slavery and deemed unsuitable for the US market![4] Both tracks were included on the 1998 re-mastered re-issue.

Written By
1. Messin (09:54)
Hugg/ Mann
2. Buddah (07:02)
Mann/ Rogers
3. Cloudy Eyes (05:36)
4. Get Your Rocks Off (02:51)
5. Sadjoy (05:17)
6. Black And Blue (07:24)
Chain/ Sullivan/ Taylor/ Manning/ Harvey
7. Mardi Gras Day (03:02)
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