Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Masque (Songs And Planets) (1987)

Masque is an album released in 1987 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

The album is subtitled Songs And Planets and features some parts of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite. It represents the completion of an original project started back in 1973, which planned to use Holst's work as a basis.

This was ultimately shelved because the band were unable to obtain formal permission from Holst's estate, although some of the idea of a concept album dealing with the solar system could be seen on the band's 1973 album Solar Fire

Written By
1. Joybringer (From Jupiter) (02:28)
Holst/ Mann/ Rogers/ Slade/ Gustav Holst
2. Sister Billies Bounce (Including Sister Sadie & Billies Bounce) (02:16)
Silver/ Parker/ Ryder/ Mann
3. What You Give Is What You Get (02:36)
4. Telegram To Monica (05:39)
5. Billies Orno Bounce (Including Billies Bounce) (03:14)
Parker/ Ryder/ Mann
6. A Couple Of Mates (From Mars & Jupiter) (03:20)
7. Neptune (Icebringer) (01:08)
Mann/ Rogers/ Lingwood
8. Rivers Run Dry (03:04)
9. Hymn (From Jupiter) (03:58)
Mann/ Rogers/ Lingwood
10. We’re Going Wrong (03:59)
11. Planets Schmanets (02:41)
12. Geronimo’s Cadillac (04:43)
Murphy/ Quarto
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