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Your Name on Our Record!  The Earth Band are performing a new song ‘Stronger’ in the current set list. Manfred would like you to sing along with a section of it at the forthcoming gigs so we can record it for a future release. If you would like your name on the record artwork when it is released all you need do is to e mail your name and the gig you attended to



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  1. Andrea K.

    We just saw The mighty in Berlin.
    it was terrific!
    thanks for The wonderful Night

  2. Dieter Hartung

    Dear guys,

    It was a wonderful gig in Berlin 5th of May 2015. In the beginning the audience are little tired but thanks god you have had the right spirit and the power to gave them what they needed.. and than they are on fire! Thanks a lot to you. Wish you more and more spirits in the night.
    Best Regards

  3. Johannes Klenner

    Hi, guys,… last night in Lünen … a very fine event… in fine red velvet cinemaseats…I have missed nothing…rock on …thank you so much…

  4. Henrik Bro

    Berlin 5th may was fantastic. Mick Rogers said that he heard a song in he fifties he wanted to play and said – yes so old am I – but so are we! Love your music. Thank you

  5. George Quartz

    Manfred Mann’s Earthband delivered a marvellous concert on Wednesday night at Admiralspalast in Berlin
    I have been so often to your shows but I am always impressed again by the different adaptions of your songs. For me they presented three songs, which I never heard before: the brilliant brand new ballad Stronger, a fine rocking version of Marc Bolan’s “Get it on” in the middle of the playlist and a nice acoustic guitar and sing along version of the god old “Do Wah Diddy” as one of the encores. My personal highlight – as always – was “Father of Day, Father of Night” in an unbelievable good new adaption. The intro of “Davey’s on the Road Again” was Ray Charles’ “Hit the road Jack” which lead to a great chant with the audience. Thanks guys – you made my day!


  6. Ulrich Sallen

    It was a great pleasure for me, my wife and my friends to see and hear the Earthband in Lünen theatre. It was one of the best concerts I´ve ever seen. Formerly it was 1973 Great Easter Circus in Westfalenhalle Dortmund. Thank you all and God bless you!

  7. Jan Verbeeten

    Lünen & Giessen

    Again two excellent concerts seen by MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND the indestructible!
    Great set list; freshen up and carefully selected.
    As well 2 new added songs; “BangaGong” & specially “Stronger”
    And (intro) “Joybringer” great highlight for the real fans!
    who is going to develop further and will be better and better…could be a top hit! “
    Of course on “Stronger” given the best of our voice!

    Thx MMEB and Friends

    Regards, Jan-Amsterdam

  8. Moni & Tom

    Sunday evening in Osnabrück. Great concert. We like it !

  9. Arne Lanwert

    I was in Osnabrück too.
    It was AMAZING!!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Irmgard Bouma

      Standing ovations for the band! Thanks a lot for the wonderful concert in Lünen (perfekt location).

  10. Ina Schuster

    It was a great evening in Lünen; I was very happy to hear you and your music again …

  11. werner scheuer

    A great Concert in Losheim.The new Song “Stronger” was beautiful

  12. Edwin Trusheim

    The Concert in Giessen was very fine ,i have mutch beautiful moments

    thanks for gooooooood night

  13. Goetz

    I have been the first time to a concert of Manfred Mann´s Earthband in 1974.
    It was great then and it is still great today. Plauen was a very nice lacation for a wonderful summer nigtht with a amazing band. Every song a cassic one, you can hear more than twice…

  14. Annett Ptters u. Manfred Stickel

    The Concert in Gießen was so great !!!

  15. Carlo Fascher

    Wow! Went to see “the Manfreds” again after 49 years! Last time I enjoyed Manfred mann was at “Tiles”, Oxford Street, London in 1966. Now, yesterday it was at Monschau, Germany. Still very, very good after all those years. Manfred, you don’t seem to have changed at all in all those years…
    Thank you for the good music you gave us in all those years!

    Carlo Fascher

  16. Michael Reichert

    Super Stimmung auf Burg Monschau.
    Fox on the run.
    Als wäre es gestern gewesen. Kaum verändert.

  17. Tim Egan

    Monschau,Concert in the Eifel. Manfred it was great to catch with you after 50years,
    thanks for the time you extended to me.

    The concert. You and the band presented one of the the most dynamic, Slick, and entertaining perfomances I have encountered in may a year. Good luck and very best wishes for the rest of your tour.

    Come back soon.

  18. Paul Wirth

    Hi,the concert was strong(er) as always,really liked “Stronger” ,Get it on” àla Bang a Gong good changes ,freshes up the set??,btw what happened to “the Working Song” I liked this one too,so powerful and would be a nice opener too…
    Keep going MMEB??

  19. Karl-Heinz Woldt

    Hi, i saw you yesterday in celle and it was great! Last time i saw you was 1998 in Bonn. These 890 weeks changed the world, but in the moment you began to play it seemed that the time had stopped in between. So, i think you got it done with: Time is right for quittin’ time.
    Thank you for the great music!

  20. Carmen Stiplovsek

    The last night in Dornbirn Austria.
    Thank you for this wonderful evening.
    I look forward for the Concert in Zurich Switzerland.
    Love from Carmen

  21. Alexander

    Great performance in Cologne on Oct. 18th, 2015 – Thank you!
    I miss the psychedelic elements you had in your songs in the 1970s, though. Without them, listening becomes too easy.
    Keep going strong!

  22. Bernd Mauser

    Hello Manfred, Hello Earthband,
    I’ve heard the concert in Schweinfurt and it was the most power- and wonderful gig i’ve heard since the first concert in ’79. I would like to get the Music that you do on such evenings on cd to relive again. I wish you would do more Releases. I’m a die-hard fan and i will visit your concerts when you get near my hometown of Passau. I wish you all the best. Go on and make the world a Little bit more satisfying.
    Yours faithfully


  23. Mark shover

    Daughter and i came to show in Schweinfurt. All the way from Alabama USA

  24. Greg Zimmermann

    Dear MMEB
    I saw you last night (16/11/2015) at the Kongresshaus in Zurich. It was a phenomenal show and I enjoyed your musicianship and the sense of fun you managed to convey.
    All the best to all of you, keep it up!
    Love from Greg

  25. ernst baumgartner

    Before about 40 years, same place, same band, almost the same sound, with the great singer Chris Thompson. Yesterday, again, very much alive, very good! Thank you for the lovely evening

  26. Cornelia

    You rocked it in Zürich. I enjoyed your great musicality and the pure joy for music. Thank you for this fantastic evening and sure hope to see you soon again!

  27. Kenneth john stapley

    Kenny kajsa just seen your fantastic show in Denmark at Amager bio and it Was beutiful to see Mike give a little bow to his guitar When he Walked on to The stage and it Was so Nice to hear all good old songs hope to see you next year.

    • Kenneth john stapley

      Kenny kajsa just seen you in Denmark at The Amager bio it Was Nice to see Mike give a little bow When he Walked intim The stage beutiful.

  28. Henrik Rasmussen

    Had the pleasure of your performance in Amager Bio Copenhagen yesterday. Had the pleasure for over 30 years ago at Tivoli Concerthall with the notorious lead singer Chris Thompson. Gents, you have my respect.

  29. Erik Plauborg

    We saw your concert last nigth (11.21.15) in Amager Bio, Copenhagen. What a great gig, we really enjoyed it:-). Respect!

  30. Niels Westphal

    Saw your brilliant performance Saturday night (Nov.21) in Amager Bio. Great to hear Manfred trying “Næste Station, Snekkersten”. You’re almost there, Manfred – keep on exercising!
    I also had the pleasure once (1978?, I was a teenager) in Tivoli Concerthall. That was my first concert with a non-danish band – and you certainly impressed also back then.

  31. Arne


    We had the pleasure of being at your gig in Oslo last night, and we were really impressed! The Earth Band is aging like a good red wine, getting better and better for every year :). With a lot of energy, enthusiasm and humour as well as unbeatable musicanship you gave us an unforgettable night. It is hard to pick any highlights, but “Father of day, father of night” and “Mighty Quinn” was brilliant as always. Hope to catch you next time as well :).


  32. Holger Lundqvist

    Hello.. Saw your fantatisc show Saturday night 21 November in Amager Bio.. Can still not get my arms down.. Unforgettable night.. Your are no. 1.. Thank you soo much.. 🙂

  33. tinna rigelsen

    Brilliant performens, saterday nigth D 21nov in amager bio. Great music, good energy, super super. good for the soul. hope you a coming back. tanks for the nice musik. my famillie is big fans of you.. happy christmas an a happy new year. knuzzer fra tinna

  34. Morten Damstedt Petersen

    Hi there!
    Saw your gig in Amager Bio (Denmark) 21.november 2015. What a performance! Nice sound, good atmosphere and lots of lovely nostalgic memories. I had the experience with my childhood friends from the football team, and we all enjoyed the evening very much. Thank you and hope to see you soon in Denmark again.

  35. Robin Long

    Hi guys
    When are you coming to the land down under ( Australia) the biggest island on (earth) hopefully you can come to our winery in the Beautiful Barossa Valley
    It would be great to see you here in 2016 can’t wait
    Cheers Robin

  36. Mai lis walseth

    We just saw your consert in Oslo was fantastic..
    Mai lis walseth

  37. Arid Frediksen

    Just saw your consert in Oslo..thank you for a fine evening..saw last time three years ago in my home town Drammen..and my question is why didn’t you not play “question “?
    Mvh Arild Fredriksen

  38. Anders Eriksson

    Saw the gig in Amager Bio in Copenhagen (my 10th MMEB gig) 9th one with my wife and members of
    The Viking Refreshment Company. Awesome as Always.

  39. Uwe Leddin

    Concert in Simmern (Hunsrück, Germany) was great! Than you Manfred Mann and Band!

  40. Klaus-Dieter Schütz

    Concert in Wissen, Kultur Werk ( Westerwald, Germany ) am December 12, 2015.
    It was a great and perfect Rockshow on this eveaning. Thank you verry mutch.
    I wish your all the best.

  41. Annegret Schütz

    It was a great pleasure for me. Thank you for the Music and a wonderful night in Wissen. Dec. 12, 2015.

  42. Wolfgang Walter

    Hello Earthband

    I saw you in Bochum on the 13. of December 2015. It was so exciting.
    You lost no spirit since I was to concert you played with Status Quo
    years ago in Düsseldorf.
    Go forward and we’ll see us again!^^

    Merry Christmasgreetings

    I count the days to find my name on the album, thanks!

  43. ekkehard wäckers

    I saw you in Bochum on the 13. of December 2015.
    absolut great,thank you,merry christmas and all the best for 2016.

  44. Armin Mader

    I saw you at the Colos Saal in Aschaffenburg on 14th December. What a fantastic show, where you played almost all great songs you ever recorded. Keep it going …. All the best and hope to see (hear) you soon again.

  45. Adrian

    In reading all these comments, I am in such an awe.
    I wish I could see a live show, as I have been a fan for almost 40 yrs.
    Unfortunately that is not so easy, because I live in the USA.
    For whatever reason, you have not had a US tour in a very long time.
    PLEEEEASE come to the US.

  46. Anders Elmehög

    Was on the consert at Göta Lejon in Stockholm. Thank you for a wonderful evening that was even better than I expected with almost all the Greatest Hits. All of it extremly well performed . Hope to get to see you again.

  47. Goran Soderberg

    Thanks for a wonderful show in Gothenburg yesterday! An extra thank you to Manfred for telling us a great joke when the keyboard rig broke down!

  48. Susanne Lindfors Isaksson

    It was a fantastic concert at Göta Lejon in Stockholm.

  49. William Serrano

    When are you going on tour in the USA? Maybe you can play BB Kings Blues Club in NYC.

  50. Lisa

    Come tour the USA- Fox Theater in Oakland, CA————Love the music of the 60’s!

  51. Lelia Koval

    I have been a fan of yours for many years, I grew up on your music….my mom gave me 45 records and her mom my grandma had me play them over and over. 

  52. Sjoerd Visser

    Dear MMEB.
    I’m Dutch sometimes when I go to the Netherlands I’m look on the p.c. if your there but no luck.
    See MMEB at least 6 times , the last about 7years ago in Haarlem . livin’ in Spain/Torrevieja If you ever want to play in Spain Torrevieja is a sunny place more than 300 day’s so is it happen let me now becuase it’s always very good and you alway’s feel happy,

  53. René Tschirren

    It’s never too late . . .: I’ve been to the Lucerne gig on May, 20, 2016. Great show and performance as usual, still a wonderful live act. It is always a wonderful treat!! It was hot, incredibly hot, no windows or air conditioning . . .

  54. Jane Hansen

    Hi guys. What a performance to night in Baltoppen in Ballerup, Denmark. You were great all of you, we love your music. Good luck on the tour.

  55. Jacqueline Aron

    Manny it’s your old friend Jacqui Aron from
    13 Hagen rd greenside
    Acquaintances from 1956-1960. Last saw you on visit to London in June 1962.
    Hope your well. When are you playing in the U.K

  56. Richard Stone


    Your websites is really interesting.

    Have you any plans to visit Australia?

    Hopefully you have.

    May you stay forever young!

    Richard Stone
    Australian Journalist: 5950028

  57. Martin Pique

    My Girlfriend ans me had just a terific Night in Würzburg. Thank you that you have brought na memories back. I habe had my First Concert in my Life in Würzburg at march 16th. 1983 ans Today you made me feel so good ans young again . Thanks for the Night. ..


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