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Over the coming months we will be rereleasing the entire MMEB back catalogue with remastered discs and freshened artwork.  Nigel has also written new sleeve notes for the collection.

Manfred was keen that the albums reverted to their original tracklisting but the new CD booklets will contain an internet link to enable fans to download (free of charge) the bonus tracks that have appeared on the recent catalogue.

The first two albums to be re-released are Criminal Tango and Masque.  These will be available to order via the online shop from 24 January, and from local/online retailers shortly.

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  1. Ari Puranen

    BAD NEWS !!!
    STUPID, greedy business !!!

    • Helen

      Hi Ari
      Sorry to hear you are upset about the re-releases. Obviously we do not expect fans to buy these when they already have the albums, but I do have to post the information for new fans and new visitors to the site. We are only trying to make available the most up-to-date remastered versions we have. There is nothing ‘new’ on the CDs to ensure that fans do not feel they need to buy an updated version, but equally we did not want anyone to lose out on the bonus tracks which appeared on the last rereleases.
      I hope you understand our position.

  2. JK

    I think it is fantastic to rerelease the entire MMEB back catalogue with remastered discs and freshened artwork. I have all vinyls and nearly all old german “BRONZE” CDs with mostly bad sound, often these CDs were taken from (sometimes bad) vinyls! And as you can read in Greg Russo’s supplement to his book “The Five Phases Of Manfred Mann” some of the last remastered CDs have also a bad sound! (I have the CDs “Best of Vol. I and II” from the remastered series and the “Vol. II” CD has some tracks taken from vinyl.) And I didn’t buy the 40th Anniversary box set, because the CDs have only a front cover!
    –> so I am waiting on some great MMEB CDs (from 72 – 82) with perfect sound and nice booklets … and with original tracklisting and no bonus tracks (“I hate bonus tracks”)!

  3. JK

    What about the bonus CDs “Live in Ersingen 2011” and “Leftovers” from the 40th Anniversary box set? Can I buy these two CDs as separately CDs in the future?

      • JK

        No problem, I recently bought the 40th anniversary box, because I could not wait any longer!

        “Live in Ersingen 2011” is a fantastic live album: great rock sound with a great new lead singer and great different keyboard sound!

        “Leftovers” is unfortunately a totally superfluous release, because for instance the different song versions (but the interesting vocal version of “Crossfire”) are definitely NOT very different to the originals, especially “Big Betty” is very disappointing, because it is indeed a great song, but it is nearly the same song as “Look Around” 🙁

  4. Clive

    I am really dissapointed that the bonus tracks will not be included with the CD’s. I have bought every Album, CD and remastered CD so far. It was the inclusion of the bonus tracks that made me buy the rematered versions already released, this was despite the fact some of the printed artwork on these was to say least appaling in quality and colour….This does seem a bit of a rip off of loyal fans….I don’t want to have to swap from a CD to a PC/Laptop or MP3 player to listen to bonus tracks….I think Manfred has got it wrong this time!!!!!!!!

  5. Jens

    Hmmm…I own about 400 Mmeb releases…I guess I will buy these ones as well 😉

  6. GL

    Hi Helen,
    what is the difference with the last remasters, is the audio better?
    If the quality of the audio is clear improved than I will probably purchase the new remasters but i.m not pleased with downloading mp3 why not high res?

    • L-O Ström

      They are the same remasters as on the box set, slightly compressed with the peaks levelled out compared to the 1999 remasters, that is. Don’t know if the last bonus track Going Undergruond (Alternate Single Version) is the same remaster with that sudden end that they created from the album master as on the 1999 remaster, I hope not.

  7. Jens

    One more comment:
    What I do I hope is there is a bit more effort spent on proofreading setting up and checking the artwork compared to the first Remaster versions. While of course I liked them, there were several mistakes on them and the appearance had a kind of rushed element. I.e. the missing filled portion of the logo on the lower left hand side of the E in “Earth”, compare which is found on every single album. I am not a professional layouter..but I could have done better scans and artwork with my home equipment. That is kind of annoying, if you spend a lot of money for music that you really like and then get the feeleing the people providing this to you are not focussed on it.

  8. Sergey Lenkov

    I’m for bonus tracks!
    Why not give full picture of release including B-sides and single versions?
    You could also include concert versions from that tour.
    It’s more interesting to buy with bonus tracks 🙂

  9. Joao Paulo ( John Paul )

    Hi Helen

    When Rational Anthems Will be
    Ready ?
    Thanks in advance
    Regards João

    • Oliver Power

      Grat rock-gretings John,

      Oh yes your question is allowed…..

      Helen should urgently give us huge fans an honest answer about the actually releasing of “Raional Anthems” or a brand new Manfred Mann’s arthband albm!!!

      Adding Note : As i went with my lovely girlfriend to the Purkersdorf-concert(Near of Vienna!) in May 2011)- Manfred Mann answered me “Oh, i don’t wanna release the new album! I hope i never will bring it on sale!

      For me as a hard dieing Earthband fan, it was shocking to hear!

      Helen, it is time to tell us the Truth!

      Oliver Power

        • Oliver Power

          Oh Helen,

          i understand, again this in an unhonest answer.

          I really need a releasing-Date answer of November 2013 or Spring ’14 or is Manfred Mann not amused to give some new important interview of his genius-work???!

          Oliver Mercury, instead of freddy…….(=:)

  10. Colin

    Firstly , really like the website re-vamp and new layout .Like the links to the videos. I was lucky enough to see the band at the Stables last year, not a classic due to some technical issues (lights and sound) but still a great gig. I think we all recognise that Manfred’s had a difficult 18 months or so personally , So I for one shall be patiently waiting for the new release . In the mean time whenever I need a MMEB fix I’ll just watch Boots – and smile as I see Prince Phillip’s bass playing 🙂 . All the best to the band and hopefully some more UK dates .

  11. Terry Peck

    Great new website! I too saw MMEB at The Stables last Year (see Colin’s entry above) and thought it was a good gig. However, I well remember another at The Stables several yeas ago when Noel McCalla was with the band, and I can still hear in my head the overpowering version of Dylan’s ‘Shelter From The Storm’, with both Mike and Noel vocalising. I don’t think it has been bettered. As regards reissues – well I have the complete set (with bonus tracks) from last time, so won’t be buying this latest lot. But I am hungry for some new material, please.

  12. Mike Locke

    I think the releases without the bonus tracks but with the link to get those tracks is an excellent compromise. I prefer my remasters to be exactly as per the album I bought, just remastered. Remember vinyl has a different timing to CD so stuffing bonus tracks on to fill up is just that – filler. The artist chose the tracks and order to fit on both sides of the LP in the order they wanted for the effect they wanted. And that’s what I want to listen to.
    So to get a 100% accurate remaster is great and to have the ability to get the bonus tracks is also great. Full marks to whoever thought up this way of doing things.


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