The Good Earth

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“Finding The Good Earth” Manfred has an interview with BBC Wales about The Good Earth which is airing on 22 October at 1.30pm, repeated on 23 October at 6pm and then on BBC iPlayer

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  1. John B Harrison

    Saw Manfred and the Earthband in 1974/5 at the Floral Hall in Southport, UK.
    Some of the audience wanted them to play some more of the older stuff, but Mighty Quincy had to suffice for them.
    I really enjoyed the concert; especially Manfred on keyboards, with the pitchbender, the drummer with a real Bell!
    Fantastic concert, and being a smaller place, and being near the front, it was a very memorable evening.

    • Ottmar Jaeger

      The music of Manfreds Earthband, accompanies my life, since I was 16 jears old. Ich love this great music so much. Now I am 60 and Manfreds music still accompanies my life and it ist great.
      On October 26.2017, I was fiirst time on a concert of Manfred Mann’s Earthband, in Esslingen. It was such a great experience for me to see and hear the Earthband life and so close to me. Earthband please go on with your music and bring us still a lott of great songs and moments.

      All the best to you from
      Ottmar Jaeger

  2. Robert R

    “Solar Fire” was the second album of my life. I was 15. Then, the Earthband was my favorite band for all times- I love the speed in some songs – and I saw the band from 1981 to 2016 on stage whenever I could 😉 Great Live Performances!
    And I love “Give Me the Good Earth” and “Earth Hymn part one” too – Would like to hear these live some day. Long time ago Manfred took it to the set list!


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